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How to use green-and in a sentence. Green-and pronunciation.

Gale saw an adobe shed and a huge pen fenced by strangely twisted and contorted branches or trunks of mesquite, and, beyond these, wide, flat fields, green-a dark, rich green-and dotted with beautiful horses.
He set one foot against our Major's wall-an action scarcely honest while it was so green-and, coming from a hale and very thickset man, the contemptuous push sent a fathom of it outward.
Indeed, having so long held supposed intercourse with familiar spirits, it is not improbable that he imagined that one of them had at last come, without waiting for a summons, to punish him because of his deceptive practices, for he turned pale-or rather faintly green-and breathed hard.

Examples of Green-and

Example #1
There were whites and blacks, and bays and grays.
Example #2
Belding's last remark was made as he led his companions out of shady gardens into the open.
Example #3
Rattle, rattle went the new patent concrete, starting up the lazy-pated fellows down below.
Example #4
The power of the Lord is in the air and sea.
Example #5
Perceiving his state, it suddenly occurred to the sailor to say-"Don't be afraid.
Example #6
Of course Ujarak, wise man though he was esteemed to be, could not help being struck dumb by the unexpected sight of the gaunt foreigner.