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Definition of Greenlander

  • A native of Greenland.

How to use greenlander in a sentence. Greenlander pronunciation.

The Esquimaux and Greenlanders have the odors of their greasy and oily foods, and it is said that the Cossacks, who live much with their horses, and who are principally vegetarians, will leave the atmosphere charged with odors several hours after their passage in numbers through a neighborhood.
Those Greenlanders who had quarrelled stepped forward, and the offended person chanted forth the faults of his adversary in an extempore song, turning them sharply into ridicule, to the sound of the pipe and the measure of the dance.
He showed both analogy and contrast between this specimen of our kind and others equally apart from the extremes of the savage state and the cultured,-the Arab in his tent, the Teuton in his forests, the Greenlander in his boat, the Finn in his reindeer car.
Then, again, if you fix your eye upon this strange, crested, comb-like incrustation on the top of the mass -this green, barnacled thing, which the Greenlanders call the crown, and the Southern fishers the bonnet of the Right Whale; fixing your eyes solely on this, you would take the head for the trunk of some huge oak, with a bird's nest in its crotch.
Large,-that it might be seen far away by storm-tossed navigators: light,-that it might be the easier blown four thousand and odd miles into the air; lest it should fall on the heads of the Greenlanders or the Patagonians; lest they should be injured and the world lose its new moon.
Lapland and Iceland have their historians, their criticks, and their poets; and love, that extends his dominion wherever humanity can be found, perhaps exerts the same power in the Greenlander's hut as in the palaces of eastern monarchs.
The large boats in which the Greenlanders transport their families, are always rowed by women; for a man will not debase himself by work, which requires neither skill nor courage.
The wealth of Greenland is too powerful for the virtue of a Greenlander; they forgot the merit and the presents of Anningait, and decreed Ajut to the embraces of Norngsuk.
The virgins sometimes throw a thimble and a needle into the bay, from which the hapless maid departed; and when a Greenlander would praise any couple for virtuous affection, he declares that they love like Anningait and Ajut.
The stars are supposed to be ancient Greenlanders, or animals which have managed in some mysterious way to mount up there, and who shine with varied brightness, according to the nature of their food.
Toothache-one of the diseases to which Greenlanders are peculiarly liable-invariably drew forth Ippegoo's tenderest feelings for himself, accompanied by touching lamentations.
At last, in the year 1710, he determined to make a humble proposal to Bishop Randulph of Bergen, and to Bishop Krog of Drontheim, entreating them to support at court his plans for the conversion of the Greenlanders.
It is the substance of an actual speech made by a Greenlander to the Moravian brethren in 1737.
He spoke to her also of her own destiny, and said that she had a notable future in store for her, but he bade her beware of marrying any Greenlander; he directed her also to give their property to the church and to the poor, and then sank down again a second time.
At any rate, the Greenlanders applied for a new bishop, and, according to the annals, one was consecrated in 1124; this was Bishop Arnold, and he reached Greenland the following year.
See "The Tale of the Greenlanders," in _Origines Islandicae_, II.
From Ivar Bardsen's description of Greenland it is known that the Greenlanders first came in conflict with the Eskimos during the fourteenth century.
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Examples of Greenlander

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The lower race of Chinamen are distinguished by a peculiar musty odor, which may be noticed in the laundry shops of this country.
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Negroes have a rank ammoniacal odor, unmitigated by cleanliness; according to Pruner-Bey it is due to a volatile oil set free by the sebaceous follicles.
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She told with such an air of truth, that black spots danced before the eyes of all who heard her, and the floor became black with human blood; terrible to see and to hear, and yet so entertaining, because such a long time had passed since it all happened.
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The defendant replied with satire as keen, while the audience laughed, and gave their verdict.
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Up sprang the rude gods of the North and the resuscitated Druidism, passing from its earliest templeless belief into the later corruptions of crommell and idol.
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Then he crossed over the Atlantic, and brought before you the American Indian, with his noble nature, struggling into the dawn of civilization, when Friend Penn cheated him out of his birthright, and the Anglo-Saxon drove him back into darkness.