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How to use grey-and in a sentence. Grey-and pronunciation.

And Dora said it was all right any way, because she had washed up the spoons and forks herself and counted them, and they were all there, and she had put them into their wash-leather bag, and taken them back to Albert-next-door's Mother. 'And the brussels sprouts were all wet and swimmy,' she went on, 'and the potatoes looked grey-and there were bits of black in the gravy-and the mutton was bluey-red and soft in the middle.
He beheld a man sharply featured, with hair and beard, once raven-black, irregularly streaked with white-there seemed to be no intermediary shades of grey-and deep melancholy eyes.
We had light enough to discern its symmetry and proportions; but the colour of the rock-a dark grey-and the minuter graces of the columns, were undistinguishable in the evening gloom.

Examples of Grey-and

Example #1
I saw it when it came out.
Example #2
Oswald told him not to talk such tommy-rot because the Indian was a relation, so of course he couldn't do anything dishonourable.
Example #3
There hung about him the atmosphere of infinite, sorrowful patience that might mark a Polish patriot.
Example #4
For the first time Paul saw him in the full light.
Example #5
The great face of the rock is the most wonderful production of nature we ever beheld.
Example #6
The shades of night were fast descending, and had settled on the still waves and the little group of islets, called the Treshnish Isles, when our vessel approached the celebrated Temple of the Sea.