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He made for a corner in the wall, vaulted it on to the moor, crossed a rough dam built in the stream for sheep-washing purposes, jumped in and out of the two grey-walled sheep-pens beyond, and then made leisurely for a spot in the brook-not the Downfall stream, but the Red Brook, one of its westerly affluents-where he had left a miniature water-wheel at work the day before.
David went to the agent, took it at once, and in a few days, to the amazement of Reuben and Hannah, to whom he wrote only the night before he arrived, he and Sandy, and a servant, were established with a minimum of furniture, but a sufficiency of blankets and coals, in two or three rooms of the little grey-walled house.
Then side by side together through the grey-walled place we went, And O the fear departed, and the rest and sweet content! Son, sorrow and wisdom he taught me, and sore I grieved and learned As we twain grew into one; and the heart within me burned With the very hopes of his heart.

Examples of Grey-walled

Example #1
The first post had been delivered by this time.
Example #2
Before him and around him spread the brown bosom of Kinder Scout; the cultivated land was left behind; here on all sides, as far as the eye could see, was the wild home of heather and plashing water, of grouse and peewit, of cloud and breeze.
Example #3
And he looked at her threateningly.
Example #4
It was but a small grazing farm, and the rent was low.
Example #5
The garden was fair in the morning, and there in the road he stood Beyond the crimson daisies and the bush of southernwood.
Example #6
All things I saw at a glance; the quickening fire-tongues leapt Through the crackling heap of sticks, and the sweet smoke up from it crept, And close to the very hearth the low sun flooded the floor, And the cat and her kittens played in the sun by the open door.