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Definition of Gringo

  • Among Spanish Americans, a foreigner, especially an American or sometimes an Englishman; -- often used disparagingly or as a term of reproach.
  • a Latin American (disparaging) term for foreigners (especially Americans and Englishmen)

How to use gringo in a sentence. Gringo pronunciation.

Never had a Gringo seen it.
Who, indeed, would pay good money for a dead Gringo, especially after he was dead?
The Gringo rowdies were cowards at heart and Martin could not shoot them down in cold blood, and he could not arrest them, because he was not a policeman or even a sheriff, but only a revenue officer, which was a most foolish law.
So the Mexicans gossiped and exulted, some of the bolder of them even swaggering out to the Gringo camp; but Martin drove them back again, saying he would not allow them to bully men who could not retaliate, which was right and fair.
The Mexicans jumped as if stung by a scorpion, and could just discern two of the rowdy gringo cow-punchers in the heavy shadows of the opposite wall, but the candle light glinted in rings on the muzzles of their six-shooters.

Examples of Gringo

Example #1
The Mexican stranger was appealed to: Did this not prove that the murder had been committed by a Mexican?
Example #2
That it was the ghost of Carlos Martinez, murdered nearly one hundred years before at the big bend in the canyon, was conceded by all; but there was a dispute as to why it showed itself only on Friday nights, and why it was never seen by any but a Mexican.
Example #3
And there were three cow-punchers holding a herd of 6-X cattle up north, an hour or so from the town.
Example #4
Manuel had found it and wanted to be paid for his trouble in bringing it to town-but Manuel was a fool.
Example #5
But the padre was too smart for them-he sent a messenger to find Senor Dick Martin, and in one week Senor Martin came to town.
Example #6
Then the padre mounted his donkey and went out to them to argue and they finally told him they would wait for two weeks.