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How to use growed in a sentence. Growed pronunciation.

Gun-packin' in the West since the Civil War has growed into a kind of moral law.
An' as the weeks an' months went by I growed into a strange sort of a man, I guess.
Nowadays circuses have growed so big and so improper that nobody would dast take a child to one, or if you do, they get crazy notions.
Still it growed on and growed on getting better.
Aeroplanes have 'just growed' like Topsy, and they consequently contain this and many another relic of early day design when Aeroplanes were more or less thrown together and anything was good enough that could get off the ground.
Perhaps the majority of people in the United States don't know why Lincoln "growed" whiskers after his first nomination for the Presidency.
I growed into a strange sort of a man, I guess.
I don't want to fight 'em for money, you know; I'm a good church member and all that sort of thing; I believe the Book from one end to the other; believe that the whale swallowed Jonah, I don't care if its throat ain't bigger than a hoe-handle; believe that the vine growed up in one night, and withered at mornin'; believe that old Samson killed all them fellers with the jaw-bone-believe everything as I tell you from start to finish, but I'll be blamed if I can keep from fightin' chickens to save my life.
Oh, I knowed him well enough when he was little, but I haven't seen so very much of him since he growed up.
You couldn't have growed this much in five year, and you was a baby when you come out of the bar'l, you know, and dead at that.
He begun his political career be lickin' a plasthrer be th' name iv Egan, a man that had th' County Clare thrip an' was thought to be th' akel iv anny man in town. Fr'm that he growed till he bate near ivry man he knew, an' become very pop'lar, so that he was sint to th' council.
An' th' twins they growed to be th' prettiest pair that wint to first communion; an' wan night they was a light in th' window of Shaughnessy's house till three in th' mornin'.
Tis that growed out that ye could a'most call it malt, and there's a list at bottom o' the loaf as thick as the sole of one's shoe.
The delicatest ones has died out, but th' others has growed an' growed, an' spread an' spread, till they's a wonder.
They'll have growed too close an' we'll have to separate 'em, but there's plenty.
For one thing, he's afraid he'll look at him some day and find he's growed hunchback.
But this vacation idee growed worse.
The grass growed long round the cabin, an' I crawled up to the door without startin' anythin'.
But we'll see how 'tis when you be growed a bit older, like.
Ah, 'tis a badly bred up wench is Millie, and her'd have growed up very different if I'd a-had the bringing up of she.

Examples of Growed

Example #1
An' out here on this border it's the difference between a man an' somethin' not a man.
Example #2
Well, I'd be under the sage with thousands of other men now livin' an' sure better men than me.
Example #3
Anyway, people were afraid of me.
Example #4
I had a blind faith that somethin' was guidin' me.
Example #5
And the children!-they're worse'n the grown-ups. "Old-fashioned Christmas was like old-fashioned circuses-mostly meant for the young ones.
Example #6
You women make yourselves and us men sick the way you carry on all through December.