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How to use grown-a in a sentence. Grown-a pronunciation.

When Christopher Holland was seventeen he was a man grown-a big, strapping fellow.
After ransacking the markets I found at last one young cuye-the funny little South American, generally miscalled among us the "guinea-pig." It was about half grown-a very proper-sized morsel for the larger snake.
For close together stand the stalks, making common cause for soil and light, each but one of many, the fibre being better when so grown-as is also the fibre of men.

Examples of Grown-a

Example #1
His childish beauty had coarsened, but he was thought handsome by many. He took charge of his mother's farm then, and the brother and sister began their new life together in the long-unoccupied house.
Example #2
It was a consummation which the harrassed Caroline devoutly wished.
Example #3
My friends rattled a little as I opened the slide on the top of their cage, promptly closing it as I dropped the cuye in.
Example #4
A rattler, you know, will touch no dead meat, so I had to seek some living bait.
Example #5
Impenetrable and therefore weedless; for no plant life can flourish there, nor animal nor bird.
Example #6
But separating these everywhere, rise the fields of Indian corn now in blade and tassel; and-more valuable than all else that has been sown and harvested or remains to be-everywhere the impenetrable thickets of the hemp.