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How to use grown in a sentence. Grown pronunciation.

Generous-hearted people would think that these grown- up sons and daughters should have returned the old people's long toil and care by buying up the farm and handing it back to them, their rightful refuge in the decline of life.
But the sigh was an affectation, meant partly to convince herself that she was grown- up, and partly to keep her in countenance in the intimidating bed.

Examples of Grown

Example #1
But it was not so.
Example #2
Something noble in them gave them ambitions for their boys and girls which they had never had for themselves; but when had gone the forty years, in which the little farm had twice been mortgaged to put the eldest son through college as a doctor, they faced the bitter fact that the farm had passed from them to Rodney, the second son, who had come at last to keep a hotel in a town fifty miles away.
Example #3
This melancholy was factitious, was less than transient foam on the deep sea of her joy.
Example #4
She esteemed that she knew what life was, and that it was grim.