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How to use grown-or in a sentence. Grown-or pronunciation.

So, when I was almost grown-or, rather, about twenty-three years old, for I appeared to keep on growing-I went over into another neighborhood and took up a school.
She must be fifteen or sixteen years old by now, and she has not grown-or, at least, one has not noticed it.
The pile had grown-or so it seemed to Cai-and blocked out more of the daylight than ever.

Examples of Grown-or

Example #1
And they called me "Lazy Bill.
Example #2
The neighbors said that I had gone insane, and a few days afterward, when I met a woman in the road, she jerked her old mare in an effort to get away, and piteously begged me not to hurt her.
Example #3
Father Piot, always white, gentle and murmurous, has shrunk a little; more and more he leans towards the tomb.
Example #4
Here is little Antoinette and the old priest is holding her hand.
Example #5
Cai, on requesting Mrs Bowldler that morning to inform him how soon Captain Hunken would be finishing breakfast, had been met with the information that Captain Hunken had breakfasted an hour before, and gone out.
Example #6
He slept as soundly as a child.