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How to use guard-a in a sentence. Guard-a pronunciation.

I gave him to the guard-a delightful man.
After the inspection by Sheridan, we began the march (we knew not where to) under a heavy guard-a whole regiment of infantry to guard eleven hundred prisoners.
There were in the West Maximian, the old colleague of Diocletian, who had resigned with him, but who had reassumed the purple; his son, Maxentius, elevated by the Roman Senate and the Praetorian Guard,-a dissolute and imbecile young man, who reigned over Italy; and Constantine, who possessed Gaul and Britain.
The Ephebi believed themselves strong enough to defend their friend against any one and, if the worst should come, they knew they would be sustained by the council, the Exegetus, the captain of the guard-a brave Macedonian, who had once been an ornament of their own band-and the numerous clients of Dion and his family.

Examples of Guard-a

Example #1
The guard and I chained him to a brake or something.
Example #2
But according to the regulations-one must obey the regulations, Chum.
Example #3
Thousands of shots given and taken, and no one hurt on either side.
Example #4
Anderson had surrendered; the battle was over; a victory won by the gallant troops of the South, and one of the most miraculous instances of a bloodless victory, was the first battle fought and won.
Example #5
In the East were Galerius, who had married the daughter of Diocletian, and who was a general of considerable ability; Licinius, who had the province of Illyricum; and Maximin, who reigned over Syria and Egypt.
Example #6
Therefore I shall not dwell on these uninteresting wars, brought about by the ambition of six different emperors, all of whom were aiming for undivided sovereignty.