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How to use guffawing in a sentence. Guffawing pronunciation.

When the first negro minstrel show visited Hannibal and had gone, he yearned for a brief period to be a magnificent "middle man" or even the "end-man" of that combination; when the circus came and went, he dreamed of the day when, a capering frescoed clown, he would set crowded tiers of spectators guffawing at his humor; when the traveling hypnotist arrived, he volunteered as a subject, and amazed the audience by the marvel of his performance.
Why, sir, I have seen him sit bolt upright on his haunches there by that post, lean his back against it, and laugh so heartily that his mouth would open and shut like a man's when guffawing, and you could see every tooth in his head, and he did it intelligently, too, and laughed because he was tickled and couldn't help it.
There was a great guffawing and stamping of feet at this.
They did not spend their leisure in jesting, punning and guffawing, but in praying, studying, and working, for even their vacations were turned into days of toil.

Examples of Guffawing

Example #1
In later life he claimed that he had not been hypnotized in any degree, but had been pretending throughout-a statement always denied by his mother and his brother Orion.
Example #2
He varied on occasion from this ambition.
Example #3
No, any dog can do that, but he could laugh with his mouth.
Example #4
The old man and his dog were constant companions.
Example #5
Ted was slapped on the shoulder, his friends declaring that nobry could beat him.
Example #6
By-and-by he managed to make his escape, and walked pensively homewards, shaking his head now and then, and muttering to himself:- "Ah, hoo'd happen get to hear on 't if I went yonder; aye, the brass 'ull coom in reet 'nough.