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How to use gumm in a sentence. Gumm pronunciation.

Just before sundown as we were preparing to camp on the bank of the river, I caught sight of a damp place, and, on sending one of my men, Gumm, to make a hole with a stick to the depth of two feet, we had in the course of an hour a plentiful supply of good water....
I had now accomplished a most arduous undertaking, and, in order to secure the fruits of my exertions I intend leaving Gumm, Dodds, Thomson, and three of my Sydney natives-Bungit, Bullet, and old Bull-as overseers and bailiffs of my newly acquired territory, and of the possession of which nothing short of a premature disclosure of my discovery on the part of my companions, can possibly deprive me.
See the Correspondence of Baron de Gumm and Diderot with the Duke of Saxe-Gotha.
Those Blossoms also, and those dropping Gumms, That lie bestrowne unsightly and unsmooth, Ask riddance, if we mean to tread with ease; Mean while, as Nature wills, Night bids us rest.

Examples of Gumm

Example #1
For twenty-six miles we continued following the course of this river, and found on both sides of it, as far as the eye could stretch, fine open plains, with a few trees of the oak species; one striking object was the absence of fresh water all throughout this distance.
Example #2
The land was of the best description, equal to anything in the world, nor does it appear subject to being flooded.
Example #3
These people I intend leaving at Indented Heads, as my head depot, with a supply of necessaries for at least three months.
Example #4
I hope my travelling on foot will terminate, at least for some time.
Example #5
Many of the Russian nobles keep up to this day the taste in gardening introduced by Catherine the Second, and have still many gardens laid out in the English style.
Example #6
Lord Brougham makes D'Alembert and not Diderot the subject of this anecdote.