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How to use guzzled in a sentence. Guzzled pronunciation.

O' Thursdays they guzzled down seven sorts of porridge, not forgetting mustard.
This running of horses, the wild uncouth forms around me, and the ale and beer which were being guzzled from pots and flagons, put me wonderfully in mind of the ancient horse-races of the heathen north.
Even the little infants guzzled quantities of the yellow saké from the shallow cups of very thin red-lacquered wood.
Similarly these gentlemen habitues of the Cave of the Innocents wore few or no velvet pants, and guzzled little or none of the absinthe.

Examples of Guzzled

Example #1
I will lay an even wager that he is a miscreant apostate.
Example #2
He is a witty, quick, and subtle sophister.
Example #3
We then set off towards the house, but now the cob had no chance, being at least twenty yards behind when I reached the door.
Example #4
Whereupon I turned slowly and waited for him.
Example #5
Then began the dance, and wild and furious it was.
Example #6
The younger ones poured the liquor into cups and drank.