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How to use <h in a sentence. <h pronunciation.

And when with hasty noise he spoke 'em, The ignorant for current took 'em; That had the orator, who once 115 Did fill his mouth with pebble stones When he harangu'd, but known his phrase He would have us'd no other ways.
So women, to surprise us, spread The borrow'd flags of white and red; 180 Display 'em thicker on their cheeks Than their old grandmothers, the Picts; And raise more devils with their looks, Than conjurer's less subtle books; Lay trains of amorous intrigues, 185 In tow'rs, and curls, and perriwigs, With greater art and cunning rear'd, Than PHILIP NYE's thanksgiving beard, Prepost'rously t' entice, and gain Those to adore 'em they disdain; 190 And only draw 'em in, to clog With idle names a catalogue.

Examples of <h

Example #1
Twas English cut on Greek and Latin, Like fustian heretofore on satin; It had an odd promiscuous tone, As if h' had talk'd three parts in one; 100 Which made some think, when he did gabble, Th' had heard three labourers of Babel; Or CERBERUS himself pronounce A leash of languages at once.
Example #2
The clock does strike by algebra.
Example #3
To draw us into ambushes.
Example #4
Which he's obliged t' obey, and must, Whether it be unjust or just.