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How to use hacer in a sentence. Hacer pronunciation.

Estaba entre crear mi empresa o... tomar un año sabático sin hacer nada.
The compound _maya_ is given in the Dictionary of Motul with the translations "not arduous nor severe; something easy and not difficult to do;" _cosa no grave ni recia; cosa facil y no dificultosa de hacer_.
Esto era menester hacer, y no dexar lo otro.
Tu que vais aqui servente, Hija de Dios contenta Para hacer lo que el quiere.

Examples of Hacer

Example #1
Y hoy estoy de lleno en el asunto.
Example #2
No podía soportar quedarme donde estaba.
Example #3
Or, if it is essential to find a meaning, why not accept the obvious signification of the name?
Example #4
Instances of this, in fact, are very common among the American aborigines, and no doubt many words were thus preserved which could not be analyzed to their radicals through the popular tongue.
Example #5
The British and Foreign Bible Society is an infernal society and consequently its members, one and all, are children of the devil.
Example #6
Now, what is required to constitute a child of the devil, according to the opinion of the Founder of Christianity-of Jesus-the Living Word-the Eternal God?