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Definition of Hack-driver

  • someone who drives a taxi for a living

How to use hack-driver in a sentence. Hack-driver pronunciation.

She paid the hack-driver five pieces and went up the stone steps of Neil Bonner's front door.
When they reached the pier, they found a number of boys, men, and hack-drivers already in waiting.
Mrs. Pinkerton’s iron-bound trunk had been reluctantly deposited in her bed-chamber by a puffing and surly hack-driver; and here was I, installed in the little cottage as head of the household, for weal or for woe.

Examples of Hack-driver

Example #1
A slant-eyed Japanese parleyed with her for a fruitless space, then led her inside and disappeared.
Example #2
And she looked down at the boy that clutched her hand and wondered that she had borne him by such a man.
Example #3
They had to wait about half an hour, when they saw the great steamer slowly approaching the wharf.
Example #4
Instantly Tim was on the alert.
Example #5
It was Mrs. Pinkerton’s cottage, to be sure, but I entered it with the determination not to live there as a boarder or as a guest subject to the proprietor’s condescending hospitality.
Example #6
We were back from the mountains, and our brief wedding-journey had become a thing of the past.