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How to use had in a sentence. Had pronunciation.

And [-yet . . .-] {+yet...+} There is some word, one single word which is not in the language of men, but which [-had-] {+has+} been.
Give no thought to us, for we are nothing, but listen to our words, for we bring you a gift such as [-had-] {+has+} never been brought to men.
For many days we [-had-] {+have+} been crossing a chain of mountains.

Examples of Had

Example #1
And this is the Unspeakable Word, which no men may speak nor hear.
Example #2
But sometimes, and it is rare, sometimes, somewhere, one among men find that word.
Example #3
It is only our brother men who matter.
Example #4
We placed our glass box [-upon-] {+on+} the table before them.
Example #5
The forest rose among cliffs, and whenever we walked out upon a barren stretch of rock we saw great peaks before us in the west, and to the north of us, and to the south, as far as our eyes could see.
Example #6
We came upon it today, at sunrise.