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The eyes, soft with appeal; the red mouth, quivering, and with lips parted as if about to speak to him; the bowed head with its tumbled glory of hair-all had burned themselves upon his soul in a picture too deep to be eradicated.
The lame foot, the misshapen hands, the red face, the queer little knot of hair-all were the price paid for her own life.
One stout little woman, wearing a black velvet cap, blue and silver stomacher, pincushion, bunch of keys, silver buckles, braided hair,-all distinctive signs of the mistress of a German inn (a costume which has been so often depicted in colored prints that it is too common to describe here), -well, this wife of the innkeeper kept the two friends alternately patient and impatient with remarkable ability.

Examples of Hair-all

Example #1
If St. James was interesting now it was because that face was a part of it, because the secret of its life, of the misery that it had confessed to him, was hidden somewhere down there among its scattered log homes.
Example #2
Despite his efforts to destroy the vision of the beautiful face that had looked at him through the king's window its memory still haunted him.
Example #3
Every minute since she was born, she had been a burden to her mother.
Example #4
Then she had talked of something else.
Example #5
Little by little the noise decreased, the various travellers retired to their rooms, the clouds of smoke dispersed.
Example #6
Some were playing cards, others argued, or held their tongues and ate, drank, or walked about.