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A tree casts a shadow, a house casts a shadow, a needle casts a shadow, even a hair-where the shadow is, there is some substance to fling it; where great blame is cast, there is some occasion for it.
Next come the various grades of red fox fur,-those abundantly furnished with hair,-where the red is pale and small in area, and the gray patches are large and dark, being the best.

Examples of Hair-where

Example #1
You may have stood on a rock, and seen your shadow thrown all down a valley and up the side of an opposite hill, an enormous figure, and a ridiculous caricature of yourself.
Example #2
Everything casts a shadow, and if you see a shadow you may be sure there is some body to cast it, though the shape and size of the shadow may be wholly unlike and out of proportion to the object which throws it.
Example #3
The _kuni_, which was the unit of currency in olden days, and was used by royalty, is the next in value, and is costly if dark, and with a tough, light-weight skin, which is an essential item of consideration for the necessary large cloaks.
Example #4
The cheapest of the "downy" furs, which are the proper sort for the climate, is the brown goat, that constantly reminds its owner of the economy practiced, by its weight and characteristic strong smell, though it has the merit of being very warm.