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Definition of Hairdressing

  • a toiletry for the hair.
  • care for the hair: the activity of washing or cutting or curling or arranging the hair
  • a toiletry for the hair

How to use hairdressing in a sentence. Hairdressing pronunciation.

Aunt Caroline sat in the door combing her wiry hair with a curry comb, a jagged piece of broken mirror in her lap to guide her in her hairdressing; close by were a couple of rush-bottom chairs set face to face and holding across their seats a pillow with a mosquito netting pulled tight across the top of the backs.
While Mrs. King slipped away to get the things needed for the hairdressing, Julia went to the great white bathroom, and when she came out her face was sweet and clean and every trace of the paint and powder was gone.
The difference of general appearance caused by a variety of hairdressing is most perplexing, and is apt to mislead a traveller who is only a superficial observer; but from the commencement of the negro tribes in N. lat.
She constituted herself a critical judge in the hairdressing process, and fussed about every pin.
Mr. Simpson, having the misfortune to lose his wife six weeks after marriage (by her eloping with an officer during his temporary sojourn in the Fleet Prison, in consequence of his inability to discharge her little mantua-maker’s bill), and being disinherited by his father, who died soon afterwards, was fortunate enough to obtain a permanent engagement at a fashionable haircutter’s; hairdressing being a science to which he had frequently directed his attention.

Examples of Hairdressing

Example #1
Every once in a while Aunt Caroline would twist her neck in the direction of the improvised bed and, finding nothing stirring, would resume her hair-brushing.
Example #2
A great shady one grew in the corner of the paling-fence around the yard and close to the two-room living quarters for the negro servants.
Example #3
Her pretty brown hair was down her back in ringlets and her face wore a look which the girls at the office had never seen there.
Example #4
I will comb your hair just as I did hers and see if the dress will fit you," said Mrs. King.
Example #5
To me the only distinguishing mark between the tribes bordering the White River is a peculiarity in either dressing the hair, or in ornament.
Example #6
In vain I have attempted to trace an actual difference.