Half-frantic in a sentence

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How to use half-frantic in a sentence. Half-frantic pronunciation.

My nine weary months of arduous travail and half-frantic anticipation were cruelly wasted.
To endanger yourself, and drive these poor, half-frantic creatures to desperation!
Half-frantic, I wandered, not heeding whither I went.
Hostile feelings vanished, and with an amiable smile at the half-frantic Miss Nugent he placed a "bull's-eye" of great strength in his cheek, and leaning forward for a hymn-book left one on the ledge in front of jack.

Examples of Half-frantic

Example #1
At no time could I get the boat out into the open sea in consequence of the rocks, and it was equally impossible for me unaided to drag her back up the steep slope again and across the island, where she could be launched opposite an opening in the encircling reefs.
Example #2
I waited, and waited, and waited, but alas! only to be disappointed.
Example #3
Her dark hair, worn in the Grecian style, was confined by a diadem of brilliants; and the short, white tunic which she wore under her mantle, was fastened by a girdle blazing with jewels.
Example #4
Her pure Grecian robe, half covered with a mantle of purple velvet, richly embroidered in gold, fell in graceful folds froth her snowy shoulders.
Example #5
I must have walked for hours, but I took no note of the time.
Example #6
I fancied her carried into a rude captivity; becoming the squaw of some brutal brave; and with the agony of the thought I rose to my feet and rushed out upon the prairie.