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My father was half-English and half-American, and my mother half-German and half-Dutch. AMERICAN.
A half-German or a true Frenchman?
In spite of myself, a Berlin, strange and grotesque, peopled with Aulic councillors, sandmen, Kreislers, archivist Lindursts, and student Anselms, had reared itself within my brain, amid a fog of tobacco-smoke; and there before me was a city regularly built, stately, with wide streets, extensive public grounds, and imposing edifices of a style half-English, half-German, and modern to the last degree.

Examples of Half-german

Example #1
I'm afraid I'm nothing particular.
Example #2
What is your nationality, sir? LITTLE MAN.
Example #3
A Lorraine prince or a Bourbon?
Example #4
And which of these Leaguer-chiefs should attain this good fortune?
Example #5
As we drove along I glanced down into those cellars, with steps so polished, so slippery, so well-soaped, that one might slide in as into the den of an ant-lion-to see if I might not discover Hoffman himself seated on a tun, his feet crossed upon the bowl of his gigantic pipe, and surrounded by a tangle of grotesque chimeras, as he is represented in the vignette of the French translation of his stories; and, to tell the truth, there was nothing of the kind in these subterranean shops whose proprietors were just opening their doors!
Example #6
My idea of Berlin had been drawn in great measure from Hoffman's fantastic stories.