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How to use half-sad in a sentence. Half-sad pronunciation.

A half-sad, half-mocking expression played upon his face.
The elder Miss Gower was always communicative, and always ready to talk about her favorites, and to Theo, in her half-puzzled, half-sad frame of mind, this was a curious consolation.
Priscilla stopped her, smiling, in a half-sad way.
Mr John shrugged his shoulders, and gave his wife and brother-in-law a half-sad, half-laughing look. "I am not surprised," he said, "I always was the most unlucky of men.
This roof, which is in itself a sort of castle in the air, has an extravagant, faboulus quality, and with its profuse ornamentation, - the salamander of Francis I. is a con- tant motive, - its lonely pavements, its sunny niches, the balcony that looks down over the closed and grass-grown main entrance, a strange, half-sad, half- brilliant charm.
His profile met my full view, his pensive half-sad profile.
At this her face grew bright, but with a tender, half-sad brightness.

Examples of Half-sad

Example #1
The fixed look with which he regarded her troubled Liza; but she went on smiling.
Example #2
Why shouldn't I like him?
Example #3
The two spent hours together, sometimes, in the tiny parlor, stumbling over Berlin wool difficulties, and now and then wandering to and fro, conversationally, from Priscilla to the octagon-stitch, and from the octagon-stitch to Denis.
Example #4
It was hard to resist Broome street, knowing that there must be news to be heard there, and so she gradually fell into the habit of paying visits, more to Miss Elizabeth Gower than to her niece.
Example #5
It was my fault-not his.
Example #6
He must love you-he does love you.