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The brilliant red of the heavens flamed in its stony eyes, and gave them a sentient look as of contemplated murder,-and the same radiance fitfully playing on the half-scornful, half-sensual lips caused them to smile with a seeming voluptuous mockery.
There is quaint humour, and sometimes wild humour, on the middle island, but never this half-sensual ecstasy of laughter.

Examples of Half-sensual

Example #1
Dr. Dean stood transfixed for a while at the strange splendor of the spectacle, and turning to his two silent companions, said suddenly: "There is something, after all, in the unguessed riddle of the Sphinx.
Example #2
They arrived in time to see the Sphinx bathed in the fierce glow of an ardent sunset, which turned the golden sands to crimson, and made the granite monster look like a cruel idol surrounded by a sea of blood.
Example #3
Perhaps a man must have a sense of intimate misery, not known there, before he can set himself to jeer and mock at the world.
Example #4
At last he moved off toward the houses, wiping his eyes with the tail of his coat and moaning to himself 'Ta me marbh,' ('I'm killed'), till some one stopped him and he began again pouring out a medley of rude puns and jokes that meant more than they said.