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Definition of Hao

  • 10 hao equal 1 dong in Vietnam

How to use hao in a sentence. Hao pronunciation.

The wild Sicaugu grunted their amicable "Hao" as they left his teepee, their mouths filled with venison and their hearts planted with the seeds of eternal truth.
Le Hao,(15) the prefect of T'un-hwang, had supplied them with the means of crossing the desert (before them), in which there are many evil demons and hot winds.
Le Hao was a native of Lung-se, a man of learning, able and kindly in his government.

Examples of Hao

Example #1
Again he went on a deer-hunt, when he crossed another trail, that of hunters from another hostile tribe.
Example #2
The deer-hunt became a soul-hunt.
Example #3
Their company, increased as it had been, halted there for some days more than a month, after which Fa-hien and his four friends started first in the suite of an envoy,(14) having separated (for a time) from Pao-yun and his associates.
Example #4
There is not a bird to be seen in the air above, nor an animal on the ground below.
Example #5
He was appointed governor or prefect of T'un-hwang by the king of "the northern Leang," in 400; and there he sustained himself, becoming by and by "duke of western Leang," till he died in 417.
Example #6
The text will not admit of any other translation.