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Definition of Hardbake

  • A sweetmeat of boiled brown sugar or molasses made with almonds, and flavored with orange or lemon juice, etc.
  • a British sweet made with molasses and butter and almonds

How to use hardbake in a sentence. Hardbake pronunciation.

And we got hardbake and raspberry noyau and peppermint rock and oranges and a coconut, with other nice things.
And we gave H. O. some of the hardbake, to make it easier for him to keep his vow.
He borrowed from every one of the pupils-I don't know how he spent it except in hardbake and alycompaine-and even from old Nosey's groom,-pardon me, we used to call your grandfather by that playful epithet (boys will be boys, you know),-even from the doctor's groom he took money, and I recollect thrashing Charles Honeyman for that disgraceful action.

Examples of Hardbake

Example #1
We put it all in the top long drawer.
Example #2
And we got some flowers to go on the dinner-table for Father's party.
Example #3
The next day was the most rememorable day in all our lives, but we didn't know that then.
Example #4
Then we all vowed by the honour of the ancient House of Bastable that we would not touch any of the feast till Dora gave the word next day.
Example #5
He always had a genius for running into debt.
Example #6
But Charles exhibited his character at a very early age-and it was not a charming one-no, by no means a model of virtue.