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The result is that we possess the visit of the Musgrove party to Bath; the crowded and animated scenes at the White Hart Hotel; and the charming conversation between Capt. Harville and Anne Elliot, overheard by Capt.
Before they parted at night, Anne had the felicity of being assured that in the first place (so far from being altered for the worse), she had gained inexpressibly in personal loveliness; and that as to character, hers was now fixed on his mind as _perfection_ itself, maintaining the just medium of fortitude and gentleness-that he had never ceased to love and prefer her, though it had been only at Uppercross that he had learnt to do her justice, and only at Lyme that he had begun to understand his own feelings; that at Lyme he had received lessons of more than one kind-the passing admiration of Mr. Elliot had at least _roused_ him, and the scene on the Cobb, and at Captain Harville's, had fixed her superiority.
He found that he was considered by his friend Harville an engaged man.
He found too late that he had entangled himself, and that precisely as he became thoroughly satisfied of his not _caring_ for Louisa at all, he must regard himself as bound to her if her feelings for him were what the Harvilles supposed.

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Wentworth, by which the two faithful lovers were at last led to understand each other's feelings.
Example #2
She cancelled the condemned chapter, and wrote two others, entirely different, in its stead.
Example #3
In his preceding attempts to attach himself to Louisa Musgrove (the attempts of anger and pique), he protested that he had continually felt the impossibility of really caring for Louisa, though till _that day_, till the leisure for reflection which followed it, he had not understood the perfect excellence of the mind with which Louisa's could so ill bear comparison; or the perfect, the unrivalled hold it possessed over his own.
Example #4
And these precious moments were turned to so good an account that all the most anxious feelings of the past were gone through.
Example #5
He had no sooner been free from the horror and remorse attending the first few days of Louisa's accident, no sooner had begun to feel himself alive again, than he had begun to feel himself, though alive, not at liberty.
Example #6
From that period to the present had his penance been the most severe.