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Definition of Hat

  • A covering for the head; esp., one with a crown and brim, made of various materials, and worn by men or women for protecting the head from the sun or weather, or for ornament.
  • an informal term for a person's role
  • headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
  • put on or wear a hat
  • furnish with a hat

How to use hat in a sentence. Hat pronunciation.

I see him at his window looking out towards the Cloistered House; and if our neighbour comes forth, perhaps upon his hunter, or now in his cart, or again with his dogs, he draws his hat down upon his eyes and whispers to himself.
Perhaps because David wore his hat always and the long coat with high collar like a Turk, or because Prince Kaid was an acute judge of human nature, and also because honesty was a thing he greatly desired-in others-and never found near his own person; however it was, he had set David high in his esteem at once.
A foreigner of this character they had never before seen, with coat buttoned up like an Egyptian official in the presence of his superior, and this wide, droll hat on his head.
They themselves wore red tarbooshes, as did the Prince; yet all of them knew that the European custom of showing respect was by doffing the hat.
The Prince Pasha had settled that with David, however, at their first meeting, when David had kept on his hat and offered Kaid his hand.
Many had heard of David, a few had seen him, and now all eyed with inquisitive interest one who defied so many of the customs of his countrymen; who kept on his hat; who used a Mahommedan salutation like a true believer; whom the Effendina honoured-and presently honoured in an unusual degree by seating him at table opposite himself, where his Chief Chamberlain was used to sit.
This still Quaker, with the white shining face and pontifical hat, with his address of "thee" and "thou," and his forms of speech almost Oriental in their imagery and simplicity, himself an archaism, had impressed them with a sense of power.
He took up his hat.
The reddish flame from the fire lit up his face under the broad-brimmed hat.
He touched his hand to his forehead and his breast as David closed the door and hung his hat upon a nail.
Was this Inglesi, then, with the grey coat, buttoned to the chin, and the broad black hat which remained on his head unlike the custom of the English-was he one of those who saw visions and dreamed dreams, even as himself!
It blows flimsy houses down, lifts shingle roofs occasionally, rolls up tin ones like sheet music, now and then blows a stage coach over and spills the passengers; and tradition says the reason there are so many bald people there, is, that the wind blows the hair off their heads while they are looking skyward after their hats.
Carson streets seldom look inactive on Summer afternoons, because there are so many citizens skipping around their escaping hats, like chambermaids trying to head off a spider.
I had grown well accustomed to wearing a damaged slouch hat, blue woolen shirt, and pants crammed into boot-tops, and gloried in the absence of coat, vest and braces.
That is, Johnny was-but I held his hat.
And in the mean time get's him a very Beauish Suit, Wig, and Hat, and plants 'em at a Friends House; ready to put on in the Morning when he came thither.
The Spark was extreamly tickled with the Fancy, and presently uncas'd himself; and gave me all his Bravery, and was so over-forward, that he not only gave me his Cloaths, but his Rings, Cane, and Hat, and Wig; so that he left hinself nothing but his Shirt and his Stockings; and the Mistress of the House being my Friend, I borrowed of her an old Mant and Petty-coat; which the Fool of a Fop put on.
He was respectably dressed, but nothing more, and in his large bare hands held a brown hat marked with a grease spot.
He twisted his hat about, and seemed to prepare with difficulty the next remark, which at length burst, rather than fell, from his lips.
The sight of holiday-making school-children, who, in their ribboned hats and white pinafores, were having tea not far away, suggested to Louise that she also would like such refreshment.

Examples of Hat

Example #1
I think he is ever setting thee off against Lord Eglington; and that is foolish, for Eglington is but a man of the earth earthy.
Example #2
In degree it has ever been so; but now it is like a constant frown upon his forehead.
Example #3
This esteem gave greater certainty that any backsheesh coming from the estate of Benn Claridge would not be sifted through many hands on its way to himself.
Example #4
They had respect for him more than for most Franks, because the Prince Pasha had honoured him with especial favour.
Example #5
David knew that he ran risks, that his confidence invited the occasional madness of a fanatical mind, which makes murder of the infidel a passport to heaven; but as a man he took his chances, and as a Christian he believed he would suffer no mortal hurt till his appointed time.
Example #6
Arabs and fellaheen squatting at street corners looked at him with furtive interest.