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When Burns, in the midst of the sulphurous orthodoxy of Scotland, dared to say, "The fear o' hell 's a hangman's whip To haud the wretch in order," he was only appealing to the common sense and common humanity of his fellow-countrymen.
Now, if he has really imposed the bourock on ye for an ancient wark, it's my real opinion the bargain will never haud gude, if you would just bring down your heart to try it at the law, and say that he beguiled ye.
Take haud o' my arm, my winsome leddy!
Haud a care o' us!
Haud down your switch, Captain M'Intyre!
I am an auld soldier, as I said before, and I'll take muckle frae your father's son; but no a touch o' the wand while my pike-staff will haud thegither.
Jess trailed her feet along the ground with cunning art, and held her shoulder against the stream; MacLure leaned forward in his seat, a rein in each hand, and his eyes fixed on Hillocks, who was now standing up to the waist in the water, shouting directions and cheering on horse and driver: "Haud tae the richt, doctor; there's a hole yonder.
But the minister was neither to haud nor to bind; he preached about naething but the folk's cruelty that had gien her a stroke of the palsy; he skelpt the bairns that meddled her; and he had her up to the manse that same nicht, and dwalled there a' his lane wi' her under the Hangin' Shaw. Weel, time gaed by, and the idler sort commenced to think mair lichtly o' that black business.
Facit ille quod volgo haud solent, ut quid se sit dignum sciat.
Haud malum huic est pondus pugno.
Atque haud longe abesse oportet, verum longe hinc afuit.
Haud potes: bene pudiceque adservatur.
Ut libet quid tibi libet fac, quoniam pugnis plus vales; verum, utut es facturus, hoc quidem hercle haud reticebo tamen.
Ubicumque libitum erit animo meo 110 profecto nemo est quem iam dehinc metuam mihi ne quid nocere possit, cum tu mihi tua oratione omnem animum ostendisti tuom quin te quoque ipsum facio haud magni, si hoc patro.
Pol ego haud perbene a pecunia.
Video hercle ego te me arbitrari, Euclio, hominem idoneum, quem senecta aetate ludos facias, haud merito meo.
Ergo quia sum tangere ausus, haud causificor quin eam ego habeam potissimum.
Haud te invito postulo, sed meam esse oportere arbitror.
Lydus_ Hic vereri perdidit. compendium edepol haud aetati optabile fecisti, cum istanc nactu’s inpudentiam.
Immo ingenium avidi haud pernoram hospitis.

Examples of Haud

Example #1
All the reasoning in the world, all the proof-texts in old manuscripts, cannot reconcile this supposition of a world of sleepless and endless torment with the declaration that "God is love.
Example #2
When Cowper, at about the end of the last century, said satirically of the minister he was attacking, "He never mentioned hell to ears polite," he was giving unconscious evidence that the sense of the barbarism of the idea was finding its way into the pulpit.
Example #3
But, Lord, they tell me your honour has gien Johnnie Howie acre for acre of the laigh crofts for this heathery knowe!
Example #4
And then, in a louder tone,-"Never mind, Edie-it is all a mistake.
Example #5
D'ye see yon wee black speck amang the wallowing waves yonder?
Example #6
A huge rock, which in general, even in spring-tides, displayed a hulk like the keel of a large vessel, was now quite under water, and its place only indicated by the boiling and breaking of the eddying waves which encountered its submarine resistance.