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How to use hauy in a sentence. Hauy pronunciation.

Pierre, Daubenton, Hauy, Volney, Sicard, Monge, Thouin, La Harpe, Buache Mentelle.
Werner first distinguished augite from hornblende; and his proposal to separate them obtained afterwards the sanction of Hauy, Mohs, and other celebrated mineralogists.
Hastings Sands, subdivisions of the. Hautes Alpes, granite of the. Hauy on isomorphism.

Examples of Hauy

Example #1
This institution, however, did not answer the expectations that had been formed of it, because the two thousand students that assembled from all parts of France were not equally prepared to receive these transcendent lessons, and because it had not been sufficiently ascertained how far the theory of education should be kept distinct from education itself.
Example #2
Volney's Lectures on History, which were attended by an immense concourse of auditors, became one of his chief claims to literary glory.
Example #3
It was shown in Figure 3 that the diagonal layers of successive strata may sometimes have an opposite slope.
Example #4
We have now the bank B, C, D, E (Figure 5), of which the surface is almost level, and on which the nearly horizontal layers, 9, 10, 11, may then accumulate.
Example #5
Hartz mountains, mineral veins of. -, Bunter Sandstein of.
Example #6
In like manner there is reason to suppose that in North America much of the ancient mammalian fauna, together with nearly all the invertebrata, lived through the ages of intense cold.