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How to use have-been in a sentence. Have-been pronunciation.

And Love was lost to Helen Murray; the choice pearl had fallen in the vast gulf of Might- have-been, and not all the forces of Nature would ever restore to her that priceless gem.
He said that whatever the first intent of the constitution was, usage had made the presidential electors strictly the instruments of the party which chose them, and that for him to have voted for Tilden when he had been chosen to vote for Hayes would have-been an act of bad faith.

Examples of Have-been

Example #1
And while she wept to herself in solitude, and her brother Denzil wandered about in the gardens of the hotel, encouraging within himself hopes of winning the bewitching Ziska for a wife, Armand Gervase, shut up in his room under plea of slight indisposition, reviewed the emotions of the past night and tired to analyze them.
Example #2
But the heart of the age clamors on unsatisfied,-none of our "new" ideas content it-nothing pacifies its restless yearning; it feels-this great heart of human life-that it is losing more than it gains, hence the incessant, restless aching of the time, and the perpetual longing for something Science cannot teach,-something vague, beautiful, indefinable, yet satisfying to every pulse of the soul; and the nearest emotion to that divine solace is what we in our higher and better moments recognize as Love.
Example #3
In that village there was a social equality which, if not absolute, was as nearly so as can ever be in a competitive civilization; and I could have suffered no slight in the general esteem for giving up a profession and going back to a trade; if I was despised at all it was because I had thrown away the chance of material advancement; I dare say some people thought I was a fool to do that.
Example #4
He would have resumed for me all the old kindness of our relations before the recent year of his absence, but this had inevitably worked a little estrangement.