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Definition of Hazardry

  • Playing at hazard; gaming; gambling.
  • Rashness; temerity.

How to use hazardry in a sentence. Hazardry pronunciation.

And, now that I have spoke of gluttony, Now will I you *defende hazardry.
If that a prince use hazardry, In alle governance and policy He is, as by common opinion, Y-hold the less in reputation.
O glutt'ny, luxury, and hazardry!

Examples of Hazardry

Example #1
No more of this, for it may well suffice.
Example #2
For to be held a common hazardour.
Example #3
And when he came, it happen'd him, by chance, That all the greatest that were of that land, Y-playing atte hazard he them fand.
Example #4
And ever the higher he is of estate, The more he is holden desolate.
Example #5
O cursed sin, full of all cursedness!
Example #6
Thus ended be these homicides two, And eke the false empoisoner also.