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Definition of He

  • The man or male being (or object personified to which the masculine gender is assigned), previously designated; a pronoun of the masculine gender, usually referring to a specified subject already indicated.
  • Any one; the man or person; -- used indefinitely, and usually followed by a relative pronoun.
  • Man; a male; any male person; -- in this sense used substantively.
  • The chemical symbol for helium.
  • the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  • a very light colorless element that is one of the six inert gasses; the most difficult gas to liquefy; occurs in economically extractable amounts in certain natural gases (as those found in Texas and Kansas)

How to use he in a sentence. He pronunciation.

He followed to London the lass kissed by thee, and besought her to return and marry him.
He welcomed me, and soon opened his whole mind.
That mind has generous moments, David, for he took to being thankful for thy knocks.
There he sat looking at me with his staring blue eyes and shock of redgrey hair.
He stopped weaving, and peered over at me with his staring blue eyes, and I felt a sudden quickening of the heart.
But I said coldly, and with what was near to anger, that he should link his name and fate with that of Luke Claridge: "Which of ye two goes first is God's will, and according to His wisdom.
Yet his blue eyes looked kindly at me, and now he began to nod pleasantly.
He laughed in a snarling way that made me shrink, and answered: "He wanted this and he wanted that-his high-handed, second-best lordship.
Ay, and he would have it, because it pleased him to have it-like his father before him.
A poor sparrow on a tree-top, if you tell him he must not have it, he will hunt it down the world till it is his, as though it was a bird of paradise.
And when he's seen it fall at last, he'll remember but the fun of the chase; and the bird may get to its tree-top again-if it can-if it can-if it can, my lord!
That is what his father was, the last Earl, and that is what he is who left my door but now.
He came to snatch old Soolsby's palace, his nest on the hill, to use it for a telescope, or such whimsies.
He has scientific tricks like his father before him.
He would have old Soolsby's palace for his spy-glass, would he then?
I had but come back in time-a day later, and he would have sat here and seen me in the Pit below before giving way.
Possession's nine points were with me; and here I sat and faced him; and here he stormed, and would do this and should do that; and I went on with my work.
Then he would buy my Colisyum, and I wouldn't sell it for all his puffball lordship might offer.
All but one," said he, "and that is my own, for it was his mind upon Soolsby the drunken chair-maker.
He placed the papers in my hand, all save that one which spoke of him.

Examples of He

Example #1
What think thee has happened?
Example #2
Thee remembers the man Kimber smitten by thee at the public-house on that day?
Example #3
That mind has generous moments, David, for he took to being thankful for thy knocks.
Example #4
Because of the hard blows dealt him by thee, I went to make amends.
Example #5
Now for the strange thing I hinted.
Example #6
He welcomed me, and soon opened his whole mind.