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The bony skull (cranium), the head-part of the secondary axial skeleton, develops in just the same way as the vertebral column.
Nevertheless, the fundamental idea of it-the belief that the skull is formed from the head-part of the perichordal axial skeleton, just as the brain is from the simple medullary tube, by differentiation and modification-remained.
Thus the thoracic cavity of the mammals, with its important contents, the heart and lungs, belongs originally to the HEAD-PART of the vertebrate body, and its inclusion in the trunk is secondary.
The simple cerebral vesicle that is formed by the expansion of the head-part of this medullary tube divides by transverse constrictions into five, and these pass through more or less the same stages of construction in the human embryo as in the rest of the mammals.

Examples of Head-part

Example #1
The skull forms a bony envelope for the brain, just as the vertebral canal does for the spinal cord; and as the brain is only a peculiarly differentiated part of the head, while the spinal cord represents the longer trunk-section of the originally homogeneous medullary tube, we shall expect to find that the osseous coat of the one is a special modification of the osseous envelope of the other.
Example #2
When we examine the adult human skull in itself (Figure 2.332), it is difficult to conceive how it can be merely the modified fore part of the vertebral column.
Example #3
The work now was to discover the proper way of supplying this philosophic theory with an empirical foundation, and it was reserved for Gegenbaur to achieve this.
Example #4
The older theory was refuted by simple and obvious facts, which were first pointed out by Huxley.
Example #5
This instructive and very interesting fact is entirely proved by the concordant evidence of comparative anatomy and ontogeny.
Example #6
In the cervical cavity (hh) the heart (h) is still connected by a mesocard (hg) with the gut-fibre layer (pf). d gut-gland layer, up provertebral plates, jb rudimentary auditory vesicle in the horny plate, hp first rise of the amniotic fold.