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How to use head-sail in a sentence. Head-sail pronunciation.

Then she shot into the wind; her sails fluttered; she lay almost motionless, and her head-sails were lowered.
Owing to their big head-sails, and to their heavy keels, these Bermudian craft fore-reach like a steamer, and hardly ever miss stays.
Kell changed her course with perfect skill, righting the helm, hoisting the head-sails, hauling the fore-trysail-sheet well aft, and pivoting to port for a broadside delivered almost as quickly as if there had not been a change at all.
But on the fore we have the head-sails.
He had come down from the rigging, and ordered the head-sails thrown back.
The head-sails of the merchantmen were sheeted home, and in quick succession their bows turned seaward and they glided away from their anchorage.
A groan escaped from the old captain's breast as the head-sails were let fall and sheeted home.
Swarms of men set the head-sails and brought the frigate round, while the gun-crews threw off their jackets and shirts, tightened their belts, and ran out their eighteen-pounders, peering through the open portholes at the stately French man.

Examples of Head-sail

Example #1
Then she came nearer and nearer to land, until she was less than half a mile from shore.
Example #2
Very soon they could see the heads of the men on board.
Example #3
For the same reason they are very wet, as they bury themselves in the water.
Example #4
Imagine a cutter with one single long spar in the place of a mast and topmast; this spar is stepped rather farther aft than it would be in an ordinary cutter, and there is one huge mainsail, "leg-of-mutton" shaped, with a boom but no gaff, and a very large jib.
Example #5
But at this moment the engineer came up to say the water had put his fires out and that the ship was sinking.
Example #6
This would bring her port side into action, which was just what Semmes wanted now, because she had a dangerous list to starboard, where the water was pouring through the shot-holes.