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George, of course, was in his element, and he did little but plant the different sites in his memory, for the purpose of comparing notes, by and by, with Gleig, Headley, &c., &c.
It is a singular circumstance, that Mr. Singer (in common with Wood, Bliss, Ellis, Headley, and all other biographers,) overlooked the misprint of ARAMANTHA for AMARANTHA, which the old compositor made, with one or two exceptions, wherever the word occurred.

Examples of Headley

Example #1
I do not attempt to give you any thing like a description of the place, or an account of the battle, as you have books which are devoted to these points.
Example #2
We were annoyed by urchins, who beset our steps, eager to sell us genuine relics of the field, which are likely to increase in number as long as there is a demand for them.
Example #3
In giving a correct representation of the original title-page, I have been obliged to print ARAMANTHA.
Example #4
At the same time, in those cases where capitals seemed more characteristic or appropriate, they have been retained.
Example #5
When 'tis lost, that's writ in marble.
Example #6
Possibly, the Edward Filmer mentioned here was the same as the author of "Frenche Court Ayres, with their Ditties englished," 1629, in praise of which Jonson has some lines in his UNDERWOODS.