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How to use headll in a sentence. Headll pronunciation.

Bout all growed in ag'in; but I ca'culate dat de next dat gits his hand in my head'll get it in a steel-trap.
I'm telling you; it's soon your teeth'll be falling and your head'll be the like of a bush where sheep do be leaping a gap.
Why, he's drunk the best part of a bottle o' brandy since here we've been sitting, and I'll bet a guinea, when he's got to Trower's his head'll be as clear as mine.

Examples of Headll

Example #1
If I gits my grinder on 'im he'll see," said Zeb, with a meaning shake of his head.
Example #2
I let out on him, and he took himself off in a mighty big hurry.
Example #3
There's a fine Union below in Rathdrum.
Example #4
The like of her would never go there....
Example #5
Did you notice how he took up Byles about the Presbyterians?
Example #6
I don't know exactly what,' answered the cautious Dempster, rising deliberately from his chair, thrusting on his low-crowned hat, and walking with a slow but not unsteady step out of the bar.