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How to use heard-but in a sentence. Heard-but pronunciation.

I heard-but could not credit my own hearing.
I've heard-but you aren't a colonial; you're as Terran as I am.
So much for the [226] story which Pausanias heard-but inherent probability, and some points of detail in his description, tend to fix the origin of the chest at a date at least somewhat later; and as Herodotus, telling the story of the concealment of Cypselus, does not mention the dedication of the chest at Olympia at all, it may perhaps have been only one of many later imitations of antique art.

Examples of Heard-but

Example #1
I gazed at the shrouded and veiled speaker-at the commanding arm that signed my mortal body to destruction.
Example #2
For a moment I was lost in wild terror and wilder doubt.
Example #3
And I'm a Newmartian, you know, so I teach a few courses-" "Newmartian?
Example #4
Our actual and legal residence has always been there.
Example #5
But, whatever its date, Pausanias certainly saw the thing, and has left a long description of it, and we may trust his judgment at least as to its archaic style.
Example #6
That would have been not long after the year 625 B.C.