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How to use heathkeeper in a sentence. Heathkeeper pronunciation.

This happened when he was just level with the heathkeeper.
But the heathkeeper felt his honour was at stake.
In another moment Mr. Hoopdriver was up, and after one terrific lurch of the machine, the heathkeeper dropped out of earshot.
He drove on his sinuous way down the dip by the new mere and up the little rise to the crest of the hill that drops into Kingston Vale; and so remarkable is the psychology of cycling, that he rode all the straighter and easier because the emotions the heathkeeper had aroused relieved his mind of the constant expectation of collapse that had previously unnerved him.

Examples of Heathkeeper

Example #1
The man in the approaching cart stood up to see the ruins better.
Example #2
He was still irresolute when he found the machine on the ground, himself kneeling upon it, and a vague feeling in his mind that again Providence had dealt harshly with his shin.
Example #3
It was like abusing the Lions in Trafalgar Square.
Example #4
He was rigid with emotion.
Example #5
Mr. Hoopdriver would have liked to look back at his enemy, but he usually twisted round and upset if he tried that.
Example #6
Nar! Nar!" said the heath-keeper.