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The earthly nourishment we may seek to give, will not avail to sustain a form when this harmonious sound, this “word from heaven” no longer reverberates through the empty void of the celestial archetype, for “man lives not by bread alone,” but by the WORD, and the last sound-vibration of the “keynote” is the death-knell of the physical body.
O, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven,” &c.
He restored idolatry, and “worshiped all the hosts of heaven,” and built altars to them, as Ahab had done in Samaria.
And I will give to thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven,” etc.
But I have appointed over it a Supreme Tribunal, in the person of one “to whom I have given the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven,” who will preserve that Constitution inviolate, and will not permit it to be torn into shreds by the conflicting opinions of men.
The genial warmth of the Holy Spirit melted his frozen heart, and the purifying influence of the same Spirit that came on the Apostles, “like a mighty wind from heaven,” scattered the poisonous atmosphere in which he lived and filled his soul with Divine grace.
It is a hard matter to get to heaven,” said my father.
The Sumerian who had been unaffected by Semitic teaching spoke of the “spirit of heaven” rather than of the god or goddess of the sky, of the “spirit of Ea” rather than of Ea himself, the god of the deep.
They formed the “hosts of heaven,” of whom Bel was the lord.
It corresponded with “the high-place” of Canaan; in the flat plain of Babylonia it was only by means of a tower that the worshipper could “mount up to heaven” and so approach the gods.
Go to your closet, fall upon your knees, and get a good feast of the “bread from heaven” and “water of life,” and then go back and look in that window again and see if there is any hunger.
There is no Heaven,” groaned Daniel, “there is nothing but blackness and darkness.
I think the angels are not all in heaven,” Mr. Esmond said.
No; thank Heaven,” her kinsman said, “the blood of that noble heart doth not stain my sword!
Beloved, pray, pray, pray; and as the incense rises to the heavens, “there will be silence in heaven” by the space of more than half an hour, and the coals of fire will be emptied out upon the earth, and the coming of the Lord will begin to draw nearer.
They shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven,” &c.
It is most probably the initial of the Saviour’s name as King of the Jews, in the same way that the crowned M may indicate the Virgin Mary as “Queen of Heaven,” a favourite popish designation.
The Himmelsthor, or “tower of heaven,” is the name given to the large round tower which is built within the castle precincts on the highest point of the rock, and which, as its title implies, soars toward heaven, and forms a prominent feature in all views of Nürnberg.

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In this world we are compelled to investigate and to study a thing before we know about it, and although the facilities for gaining information are in some respects much greater in the Desire World, a certain amount of investigation is necessary nevertheless to acquire knowledge.
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At last there comes a time when the spirit is too weary to strive with the recalcitrant flesh, when “the voice of the silence” ceases.
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This speech well marks the difference between crime and guilt of habit.
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The conscience here is still admitted to audience.
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He was also cruel and tyrannical, and shed much innocent blood; wherefore, for these and other infamous sins, the Lord, through the mouth of the prophets, declared that “he would wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish,” and would deliver the people into the hands of their enemies.