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How to use heaven-but in a sentence. Heaven-but pronunciation.

No doubt we ought to be just as eager to cast away everything that stands in the way, to divest ourselves of every thing we have, in order that we may gain the Kingdom of Heaven,-but, as a matter of fact, we show very little eagerness about it, and we are very indifferent whether we gain it or lose it.
That last thing you played took me straight to heaven,-but heaven's awful near to hell, and at the last you tipped me in.
Friendship, and Love, and Piety, all human and celestial sympathies, should keep aloof from that hidden cave; for there still sits, and, unless an earthquake crumble down the roof upon his head, shall sit forever, the shape of Richard Digby, in the attitude of repelling the whole race of mortals,-not from heaven,-but from the horrible loneliness of his dark, cold sepulchre!
For thousands of years the world endeavored to save itself from disease by ceremonies, by genuflections, by prayers, by an appeal to the charity and mercy of heaven-but the diseases flourished and the graveyards became populous, and all the ceremonies and all the prayers were without the slightest effect.

Examples of Heaven-but

Example #1
No doubt whatever that we ought to show just as great eagerness to gain the Kingdom of Heaven, as did that man to buy the field.
Example #2
I fear this is rather a picture of what ought to be than what is.
Example #3
Come now, play something more for me before you go-something that's bright and happy this time, so as to leave me with a good taste in my mouth.
Example #4
Knowing what I know, I can't blame him over much, though I think he's mistaken.
Example #5
Yet, grown people avoid the spot, nor do children play there.
Example #6
Thus all traces of the discovery were obliterated, leaving only a marvellous legend, which grew wilder from one generation to another, as the children told it to their grandchildren, and they to their posterity, till few believed that there had ever been a cavern or a statue, where now they saw but a grassy patch on the shadowy hillside.