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That Judas Iscariot should come and slap Jesus Christ on the shoulder in a familiar manner; that all heavenliest nobleness should be flung out into the muddy streets there to jostle elbows with all thickest-skinned denizens of chaos, and get itself at every turn trampled into the gutters and annihilated:-alas, the _reverse_ of all this was, is, and ever will be, the strenuous effort and most solemn heart-purpose of every good citizen in every country of the world,-and will _reappear_ conspicuously as such (in New England and in Old, first of all, as I calculate), when once this malodorous melancholy "Uncle Tommery" is got all well put by!
Why should our heavenliest moments be profaned and spoiled by needless worries-hateful to the name of love?
It was about four in the morning, the heavenliest moment of a summer dawn, and in spite of the tumult Cassel still apparently slept.

Examples of Heavenliest

Example #1
And so we will leave it.
Example #2
I see you do not dissent from me in regard to that latter enormous Phenomenon, except on the outer surface, and in the way of peaceably instead of _un_peaceably accepting the same.
Example #3
Our wedding will be very simple.
Example #4
Why should the finest thing in life become the prey of such vulgar parasites?
Example #5
Only a few soldiers stood in the square, looking up at a drift of white cloud behind which-they averred-a Taube had just slipped out of sight.
Example #6
By the time this mental process was complete, I had scrambled up and hurried downstairs and, unbolting the heavy doors, had rushed out into the square.