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Definition of Heelless

  • Without a heel.

How to use heelless in a sentence. Heelless pronunciation.

Every thing belonging to him was suggestive of propriety and decorum, from his well-proportioned face, with locks carefully smoothed down over the temples, to his heelless and never-creaking boots.
In this hard-working, careworn woman, who was seldom to be seen but in petticoat, bed-jacket, and heelless, felt shoes; who, her whole life long, had been little better than a domestic servant; in her there existed a devotion to art which had never wavered.
The men who struggled with the coastguards must have worn moccasins, or heelless leather slippers, made out of some soft hide.

Examples of Heelless

Example #1
He bowed first to the mistress of the house, then to Marfa Timofeevna, and afterwards, having slowly taken off his gloves, he approached Maria Dmitrievna and respectfully kissed her hand twice.
Example #2
A tall man came into the room, wearing a good enough coat, rather short trousers, thick grey gloves, and two cravats-a black one outside, a white one underneath.
Example #3
He was shocked to find Madeleine without one, at once took her under his, and loaded himself with her music-all with that air of matter-of-course-ness, which invariably made her keen to decline his aid.
Example #4
It would have seemed to her contrary to nature that Franz should be anything but a musician, and it was also quite in the order of things for them to be poor.
Example #5
I felt deeply relieved when I saw no bodies, nor any stain upon the grass.
Example #6
What puzzled me at first was the fact that there were marks from only two pairs of boots, both of the regulation pattern.