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The forest was also rich in the tree known by the Arabs as "heglik" This bears a fruit about the size of a date (lalobe), which is a combination of sweet, bitter, and highly aromatic.
They are generally attracted by the ripe lalobes, the fruit already described of the heglik (Balanites Egyptiaca).
In a short time several elephants appeared from various portions of the covert, and one of extraordinary size moved slowly towards us, until he halted beneath a tall, spreading heglik.
The country was generally bare of trees, but fortunately there was a grove of heglik not far distant; and the troops at once began to fell these trees, and to form fences by laying the prickly branches in the position I had selected.

Examples of Heglik

Example #1
My men collected several hundredweight, as I wished to try an experiment in distilling.
Example #2
About two miles from head-quarters, there was an extensive portion of the forest composed almost exclusively of these magnificent trees.
Example #3
The trees, if of medium size, are frequently torn down for the sake of this small production, that would appear too insignificant for the notice of so huge an animal.
Example #4
The Baris are not good hunters, and they merely catch the elephants in pitfalls; therefore, being free from attack, these animals are exceedingly daring, and easy to approach.
Example #5
This tree must have been nearly three feet in diameter, and was about thirty feet high from the ground to the first branch; it was therefore impossible for the elephant to gather the coveted fruit.
Example #6
We at once retreated to some rising ground about 150 paces distant, as our small rifles would have been useless against such heavy game.