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How to use help-so in a sentence. Help-so pronunciation.

I want to help-so much.
He is on the side of those that work-so am I. He wants to help those that need help-so do I.
Did he not devise a horrible engine for the destruction of the poor,-an engine that was to do all the work in England by the devil's help?-so that if a gentleman wanted a coat of mail, or a cloth tunic; if his dame needed a Norwich worsted; if a yeoman lacked a plough or a wagon, or his good wife a pot or a kettle; they were to go, not to the armourer, and the draper, and the tailor, and the weaver, and the wheelwright, and the blacksmith,-but, hey presto!

Examples of Help-so

Example #1
Gawd knows you'll not miss it-an' 'e ain't got much left.
Example #2
But you must not come to-night.
Example #3
The rich can take care of themselves.
Example #4
I do not understand that George is a Socialist.
Example #5
Master Warner set his imps a-churning, and turned ye out mail and tunic, worsted and wagon, kettle and pot, spick and span new, from his brewage of vapour and sea-coal.
Example #6
And as the prejudices of the populace ran high against all mechanical contrivances for altering the settled conditions of labour, [Even in the article of bonnets and hats, it appears that certain wicked falling mills were deemed worthy of a special anathema in the reign of Edward IV.