Hepped in a sentence

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How to use hepped in a sentence. Hepped pronunciation.

I hoed corn, tatahs, garden onions, and hepped take cair de hosses, mules an oxen.
No, de white folks down dar neber hepped me to read or write.
Well, one day I run 'way from plantashun and hunted 'til I filled a bucket full turtl' eggs den I takes dem ovah on river what I hears der's sum Yankee soljers and de soljers buyed my eggs and hepped me on board de boat.

Examples of Hepped

Example #1
Say-I could hoe onions goin' backwards.
Example #2
De wuz rails stuck through de cracks in de logs fo' beds with straw on top fo' to sleep on.
Example #3
Marse Ben and Miss Lucy mighty good to me, sent me to school and tole me 'bout God and Heaven and took me to Church.
Example #4
When Marse Ben brung me North to Ohio with him wuz first time I knowed 'bout such things.
Example #5
On Christmas Day dey always had big dinna but no tree or gifts.
Example #6
My wife, was Mary Williams, but she died long time 'go and so did our little son, since dat time I've lived alone.