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How to use here-with in a sentence. Here-with pronunciation.

The sphere of opportunity opens slowly, but to a man of his abilities and culture-rare enough here-with the sureness of chemistry.
And here,-with a laced coat and a cocked hat, and a riding whip in his hand,-here comes a little gentleman, small enough to be king of the fairies, and ugly enough to be king of the gnomes, and takes a flying leap into the saddle.
And-and to think that I am here-with you-_his son_!

Examples of Here-with

Example #1
The first months comprise all the shocks of disappointment that are likely to disgust a new-comer.
Example #2
I am too sure he will not return.
Example #3
Merrily, merrily plays the music, and merrily gallops the pony, and merrily rides the little old gentleman.
Example #4
But here is a little pony, just big enough for Annie to ride, and round and round he gallops in a circle, keeping time with his trampling hoofs to a band of music.
Example #5
Tell me all you know," he cried.
Example #6
You know about the affair, mademoiselle!