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Their general form is that of the half of a figure 8 bisected vertically, and the hairs are indicated by slanting lines arranged in herring-bone fashion.
In many parts of the exterior there are traces of the coarse herring-bone work so prevalent in Saxon masonry.
There was no one outside the door when I landed; on entering, I found them all seated at the table, and a grand display of fragments, in the shape of herring-bones, etcetera.

Examples of Herring-bone

Example #1
Altogether, the reader will probably feel more respect than enthusiasm for this early Babylonian art and will have no keen regret that the specimens of it are so few.
Example #2
The eyebrows are less successful.
Example #3
At the north-west and south-west angles of the aisles are gargoyles, that at the north-west corner being the better preserved.
Example #4
On the right of the entrance door is the door which now gives entrance to the belfry.
Example #5
I pulled into the _hard_, and made fast my boat.
Example #6
Tom, as the reader may suppose from a knowledge of his character, caring about as much for the one as the other.