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Definition of Hibernating

  • in a state of suspended animation; -- of animals that sleep most of the winter.

How to use hibernating in a sentence. Hibernating pronunciation.

They recommend hibernating or migration, but our wings are too short for the one, our fur too thin for the other!
Once they had thought about going to the valley in the chasm where the mockers would be hibernating in their warm caves.
Next came a third, and a fourth, and fifth, and then I realised that the whole of the dead stump was simply one living mass of coiled snakes, which were probably hibernating.
Still Mrs. Bury, a practised and enterprising mountaineer, might have attempted it; but though Mary was rapidly recovering and the language was no longer utterly impracticable, the good lady could not bear to desert her charges, or to think what might happen to them, if left alone, in case of illness or accident, so she devoted herself to them and to her studies of ice and snow, and wrote word to her family that they were to think of her as hibernating till Easter, if not Whitsuntide.
Personally I believe the Kadiak bear has very good reasons for keeping on the move continually outside of his hibernating season.
It was a man's way not to seek any, to roll himself up in his trouble like a hibernating bear.
I forget what it was his wife did that got on his nerves, but anyway he too is hibernating in Sioux Falls clay.
Some of these rites may take place in the summer; but the great majority of them, including this dsilyídje qaçàl, may be celebrated only in the winter, in the season when the thunder is silent and the rattlesnakes are hibernating.
In hibernating woodchucks, the cells of the adrenal cortex were found to be vacuolated and shrunken.
As for Pedro, he had no idea of hibernating, so he went away to a distant city and worked for a fellow countryman in a fruit store.
Concerning the vital question of food, he stated that the supply of flour, preserved meat, and dried vegetables would suffice for the winter, however prolonged, and on that of fuel he was satisfied that we should not want for coal, provided it was not wasted; and it would be possible to economize it, as the hibernating waifs might brave the cold of the polar zone under a covering of snow and a roof of ice.
I would wish above all things, if some fairy gave me the chance, to be a hibernating animal this year, during which the weather has almost called an armistice along our front, locked from the Swiss border to the sea.
How I envy hibernating animals!

Examples of Hibernating

Example #1
Seriously, you must not forget to prepare for extremes of climate.
Example #2
I've been to the ant and the beasts and the birds.
Example #3
But even if they could have gone up the plateau and performed the incredible feat of crossing the glacier-covered, blizzard-ripped Craigs, they would have found no food in the mockers' valley-only a little corn the mockers had stored away, which would soon have been exhausted.
Example #4
What had been called the Southern Lowlands was a frozen, lifeless waste.
Example #5
One after another they came at me; of course, had they all come at once, no power on earth could have saved me.
Example #6
Again I struck at the reptile's body and overpowered it.