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How to use hiccuped in a sentence. Hiccuped pronunciation.

I have dreamed o'er heavy wet, By the fountains of Damascus I have quaffed the rich sherbet, Regal Montepulciano drained beneath its native rock, On Johannis' sunny mountain frequent hiccuped o'er my hock; I have bathed in butts of Xeres deeper than did e'er Monsoon, Sangaree'd with bearded Tartars in the Mountains of the Moon; In beer-swilling Copenhagen I have drunk your Danesman blind, I have kept my feet in Jena, when each bursch to earth declined; Glass for glass, in fierce Jamaica, I have shared the planter's rum.
I insist upon your drinking," hiccuped the young man, who had evidently drunk freely already.
Hearkening a few moments, and hearing no cry, he hiccuped, "Mi-i-issed him that time," and went in to his supper.
The leader grieves, by generous pity swayed, To see his just commands so well obeyed: by this time wine and friendship had brought poor Dick to a perfectly maudlin state, and he hiccuped out the last line with a tenderness that set one of his auditors a-laughing.

Examples of Hiccuped

Example #1
Drunk with Highland dhuine-wassails, till each gibbering Gael grew dumb; But a stouter, bolder drinker-one that loved his liquor more- Never yet did I encounter than our friend upon the floor!
Example #2
Widely o'er the earth I've wandered; where the drink most freely flowed, I have ever reeled the foremost, foremost to the beaker strode.
Example #3
He hasn't been round like you an' me.
Example #4
There were crowds at the counter, and crowds around the tables, and the air was heavy with the odor of Chinese punk, which was used for cigar-lights, The tinkle of silver coin was heard at the tables, though ounces of gold-dust were quite as commonly used in the games of chance.
Example #5
Alessandro did not dare to stir for a long time.
Example #6
The bullet whistled away harmlessly into the empty darkness.